Internet safety for kids - Child protection


A necessity

Your school is connected to internet. In order to protect your school and your pupils or students, it is necessary and crucial to control the access and to manage the types of accessible websites.

Frogi-Secure offers you a robust and simple solution to put in place. A single box controls and filters the access of all your computers linked to internet.

You plug it in, and in a couple of minutes, all access are filtered.



The Digital Agenda for Europe aims to have every European digital.

Frogi-Secure complies with the recommandations of National Education throughout Europe in matter of minor protection.

For example, it is specified that « the development of internet use must be linked to some training and control measures to assure the safety of citizens, above all minors. The National Education needs to pass on each pupil / student the values linked to a responsible use of internet ». Or again, the European Strategy for a Better Internet for Children who proposes to « scale up awareness and empowerment including teaching of digital literacy and online safety in all EU schools ». The goal is to protect young web surfers by making them responsible.

For this, it is vital to set up adequate measures.

"Schools need to use a filter device that allows the selection or the control afterwards of the information put at the disposal of pupils".

A dynamic protection

Frogi-Secure proposes an internet filter solution, whose referencing data base comes from the best and the most accurate international sources. Our base contains over 5 millions websites, among those 1.7 millions for the adults only category.

In addition to these sources, we complete it daily with informations coming from our own referencing server called « Frogma », whose mission is to scan everyday all the new websites.

The Frogi-Secure system is the best solution to face the different problems regularly met :

- cyber-harassment between pupils/students, or against the educational staff
- contains with offensive character
- personal exposure of the internet user
- happy slapping (violent videos broadcasted on the web)
- online advertisement
- online dating websites
- sexuality
- overuse
- impersonation
- virus, Trojan horse, spam and other IT dangers

Frogi-Secure for which purpose ?

Protect your pupils / students :
  • Filter the accessible internet websites in your school
  • Block internet websites that have chocking contains for minors
  • Check internet uses on your computers

Protect your school:
  • Not allow illegal activities at your own risk (downloads, illegal websites, online games...)
  • Protect the legal responsability of the school director