SEO tool Frogi-Secure : Frogma


Système Frogma base de referencement Frogi-Secure
The Frogma system is an own SEO tool Frogi-Secure.

Outcome of our R & D, this dynamic system is an extension of international SEO basics.

Real PLC tirelessly browsing the web and discover content considered unsuitable. It analyzes the workings and diversion techniques used by some cataloged offensive or harmful sites.

Frogma the system consists of six levels of analysis. The first four course levels continuously from the web sites referenced in international databases. The fifth level analyzes the results of the major search engines. The last level analysis directories and registry databases listing the sites themes and affinities.

The results are merged and then automatically distributed each night on all the products being used. This active monitoring provides dynamic protection of users during their internet browsing.

Schéma du système Frogma