Internet policy at work - How to track internet personal usage ?


A connected company

Using internet at work has became a necessity. The communication means and the information systems are now the daily tools of many companies. But temptation is high to surf outside the professional frame, damaging the profitability of the company.

A cost

63 minutes per day ! It’s the time spent in average by an employee on its workplace to surf on Internet for personal use. That means 31.5 days per year.
* Etude Olféo

This lost time can be harmful for the company but also for the employee(s) inhaled by the internet spirale. The Frogi-Secure tools let you control the internet use, while keeping a flexibility, and facilitate internet at work. Indeed, it is possible to forbid the access to some websites categories that you consider as unappropriate, or to target some websites thanks to black and white lists by limiting the spreading of users on internet.

A management by time slots structures the professional schedule by adjusting open hours, hours off, and closed during the week. This way, the lunch break remains a relaxing time while being still secured. In the same way, questions about using the internet connection during the office closed time are over, because you can forbid completely all internet access. To conclude, you are the master of your internet connection in due course.

By the way, the internet debit flow is not unlimited and the lack of performances slows down the web browsing. The Frogi-Secure boxes put on board a management of the flow optimization that lightens and facilitates data exchanges on your network.

Frogi-Secure for which purpose ?

  • Protect your IT from internet threats
  • Increase your productivity by controlling the use of internet.
  • Improve the response times
  • Prevent the disclosure of informations and sensitive data.
  • Protect the legal responsability of the CEO

Why choose Frogi-Secure ?

  • Easy to put in place
  • No technical background required
  • No modification of your current and future equipments
  • Automatic updates
  • Simple and intuitive administration interface