Internet Monitoring


The internet user activity is tracked and can be analyzed at any moment.

Different information research tools are available in the admin interface. Simple search provides a statistical analysis of Internet browsing. You know at all times the sites visited, blocked sites, time spent and download volume of sites and users.

check in due time the traffic networks.

The analysis criteria are based on the nature, volume and time shifts, users or websites visited.

Such as :

- The most visited sites.
- Time spent on the Internet per user.
- The download volume per websites or users.
- The attempts to access banned sites.

Photo Frogi-secure filtrage web

Photo Frogi-secure filtrage web

The analysis reports can be sent by email or PDF format, over a daily, weekly or monthly period to the administrator.

Photo Frogi-secure rapport émail

A more detailed multi-criteria search allows you to search all types of information throughout the basic navigation.

This multi-criteria query to easily find any type of information.

The research is cumulative ie the more you enter information and search results will be.

Photo Frogi-secure filtrage web

This makes it possible to target research a given period with an accuracy to the minute, and to seek a post by its IP address, MAC or network (NETBIOS) name.

The results are presented in spreadsheets specifying accessed and blocked websites in response to the search criteria.

Photo Frogi-secure recherche sites accédés
Photo Frogi-secure recherche sites blocquée