Main functionalities


plug and playPlug&Play

Frogi-secure produit R20 dos

The product is independant and "plug&play". It adapts automatically to the network configuration. A filter system and the traceability of the exchanges are immediately activated thanks to pre-programmed filter rules.
A single box controls, and secures all the computers of an IT fleet and its installation does not require any particular technical knowledge.

zéro maintenanceErgonomics

A simple and intuitive interface makes it possible, in a couple of clicks, to customize the filter rules or to create new ones (black and white rules).

plage horairesTime slots

activity traceability tracking internet

The use of time slots brings a high flexibility in the management of access rights. Thus the school / company benefits of an optimal and adapted safety at any time.

cryptage des donnéesTraceability

activity traceability tracking internet

The internet activity is directly archived on the box. The possibility to encrypt data allows the preservation of confidentiality of web users, but by respecting the traceability obligations.

bande passante Let's avoid the saturation of your internet access

Without any control of the Internet use, the connection is often saturated by personal uses and downloads. The control of internet use, linked to a dynamic flow optimization (Qos) done by the Frogi-Secure boxes, improve significantly the response time to access to websites.

autonome Blockage of virus, dangerous websites, advertisements

activity traceability tracking internet

Several filters make possible the blockage of websites containing virus, and advertisments displays.
The access confidentiality is also preserved, information feedbacks (poles of interest, history of the consulted websites, etc…) done by some websites are blocked.
Frogi 50 and Frogi 100 models have an antivirus that analyses the content of web pages and the files downloaded, independantly from the category of the visited website.

autonome Legal protection of the CEO

The whole internet activity is saved in a data base integrated to the box. This functionality is compliant with the legal obligations, and preserves the CEO responsability in case of criminal use of the IT means available to users.

3 ans de services compris3 years of updates

You get 3 years of updates and services associated. It contains the updates of antivirus safety, of the base for internet filter, so as the upgrades and new functionalities developed during this warranty period.

mises a jourFilter base

The filter data bases are updated automatically daily via our data-center. This base contains over 5 millions websites.

Our filter data base has been constituted from several sources:

  • The Toulouse Academy blacklist (1.7 millions websites referenced).
  • Several international referencing data bases.
  • Websites that appear in the first 100 pages of the search engines.
  • Our own referencing system called «Frogma».

autonome Four levels of filtering

  • Filtering by internet website category.
  • Automatic activation of the «Safe Search» mode.
  • Black and white list
  • Filtering by key-words

autonome Https filtering – Google search engine

The https access to the websites from the black and white list (for example Facebook) can be allowed or forbidden. A specific development has been made to force internet research in http mode and then, benefit from the 4 levels of filtering. Without this functionality, visiting websites with pornography content could be made in two clicks.

autonome Several filtering profiles

You can define several filtering profiles and then, allocate these profiles to some users or to some computers.

autonome Exclude some computers from filtering

From the administration interface, you can very easily exclude some computers from the filtering rules.