Presentation of internet filter products


Product presentation
Frogi-secure produit R50

The Frogi-Secure box controls, filters and protects all computers on the same network and functions equally for Windows, Linux, Android,..). NO modification to parameters is needed and the computers can be wired, wireless or CPL connected.

How it works

Each time an internet site is requested, the box checks in its data base to ensure that the website category is authorized or not. If not, the access is denied, and the user is informed via a pop up message.

Frogi-secure - bloquer des sites

The box is automatically updated in near-real time, and over 5 million websites are referenced. All the web history is saved in a tracking data base.

Frogi Secure is compliant to the EC recommandations for Education in matter of minor protection. Its referencing data base comes from the best international sources, completed by our own referencing server, called «Frogma».

Internet use analysis

An analysis tool, integrated to the box, questions the traceability base on different criteria. For example you can know the users who have spent the highest time on Internet the last month, and for each user the time sharing by website.

Photo Frogi-secure recherche sites accédés

The analysis reports can also be sent out by email under PDF format, for daily, weekly or monthly periods.

Box setting up
Photo Frogi-secure recherche sites accédés

The box is located between the Internet box or the operator routeur, and the network switch of the school / company.

You just have to connect the two network cables, then the power, and the box is immediately functional, and works according to schedules filter rules, that can be easily adapted.

customization of filter rules

It is possible to customize the filter rules by using the administration interface. You have the possibility to exclude some computers from filtering, to modulate the rules according to time slots, or forbid after a certain hour all web access.

Photo Frogi-secure protection sites dangereux