Internet blocking : the case of adults



How to dyke and divert the growing flow of these adult only-websites, that are getting into the search results, in an innocent way ?

Minors are most of the time the main victims. A report on nature can drag explicit images. Giving a talk about war and children can discover real shocking images.

To solve this issue, the Frogi-Secure technology brings different ways to answer efficiently to the dangers brought by web-surfing.

Bloquer internet : la base de filtrage intenret Frogi Secure Bloquer internet : la base de filtrage intenret Frogi Secure

mises a jourFiltering base

The filtering data bases are updated automatically and daily via our data-center. This data-base contains more than 6 millions websites.

The Frogi-Secure referencing base contains over 1.7 million websites for “adults only”. The « Frogma » system continuoulsy checks the web to detect

Our filter based is updated via multiple sourced reference systems

  • Several well-known international referencing bases.
  • Websites that appear in the first 100 pages of search engines.
  • Our own referencing protocol«Frogma».

In all,over 6 million websites are referenced.

autonome 4 levels of filtering

  • Filtering by category of websites
  • Automatic activation of the « Safe Search
  • White list / black list
  • Filtering by key-words

autonome Https filtering – Google search engine

The Frogi-Secure technology uses the latest secured search tools of the search engines, that are usually called “Safesearch mode”. This mode own by each search engine, proposes secured search results, mainly adapted to media such as image galleries, and platforms of videos in streaming.

Access in https to websites present in the white or black list (facebook for example) can be allowed or forbidden. A dedicated development has been made to force internet researchs in http mode and then benefit from the 4 levels of filtering. Without his functionality, enter into a porn website would happen in two clics.