Create own white and black list


Internet whitelist and blacklist

A black or white list contains an entire of websites or domains to be allowed or excluded from the internet surfing.

The constitution of a black or white list comes in addition of the filtering system. It allows the making of a filtering category entirely customized.
The management by white and black list enables to allow or forbid websites independently from their classification in a category.

Interest of a white list

This list gathers websites and domains allowed. Thus it is possible to block all the websites excepted those from this list. This method is used in cases where internet surfing requires a total control. For instance, in the frame of an educational use where users are children.

All the access to websites and domains not listed are automatically blocked.

In the same way, it can be used to allow some websites contained in a forbidden filtering category, mentioning just websites that are allowed to surfing.

Interest of a black list

It lists a group of websites and domains not suitable to the web surfing.
It enables to come in addition of already pre-existing categories by mentioning websites that are not classified. Or domains not open on internet.

All the requests to access to websites and domains not listed in the black list are automatically blocked.

Automatic update of filtering categories

A login automatic portal enables to propose a website or a domain for analysis. All the software engines “Frogma” will analyse the submitted page and a visual checking will happen if necessary before integrating the website into thelists of existing categories. It’s the participation of everybody in this procedure that enables to get even more reactive and performing lists for all the owners of a Frogi-Secure box.

Listes noires et blanches

A management tool enables to put a website directly into the black or white list, from the activity reports.

Listes noires et blanches