Internet safety : secures and controls internet for child protection and company management


A necessity

Your school / company is connected to internet. In order to protect your school / company and the users, it is necessary to control access and manage the type of websites you can go to.

Frogi-Secure brings you a robust and simple solution to set up. A single box allows you to control internet, to filter, and to control all computers of your IT fleet.

You plug it in and in a couple of minutes, all the computers are secured and the access to internet controlled.

The Frogi Secure Solution


Frogi Secure is the only solution completely stand-alone and plug & play. You plug it in, it works, with no modification nor adaptation of your equipments.


A simple and ergonomic administration interface allows to define its own safety policy and to analyse internet usage in your school / company (time spent by user, the most visited websites, the blocked websites, etc…)

You manage filters and access restrictions in one click. The website blockage is done in a specific way or by category.

Numerous functionalities allow to adapt accurately the safety policy to your needs (time slots, authentification, multi-profiles, etc….).

The software corrections and evolutions are automatically applied to boxes already set up.

Protection and dynamic safety
Frogi-secure produit R50

The Frogi-Secure technology integrates the latest innovations in matter of internet securization and filtering.

The secured search filters from the search engines (« SafeSearch ») or the educational portals from the multimedia platforms can be parametered in just one click.

The internet websites are filtered according to categories coming from several international referencing bases, for example the Toulouse academy, and a referencing system called « Frogma », specific to Frogi-Secure, that gathers today over 5 millions websites, out of them 1.7 millions adults websites.

The daily updates are completely automatized and optimize the safety of your school.

A filter by expression or key-word is completely customisable, so as the preparation of black and white lists.

The scheduling of time slots gives a complete control of internet access, inside and outside the wished used periods . You keep flexibility by improving the safety of your users with no technical stress.

What to do with Frogi-Secure ?

Protect your users:
  • Filter accessible websites in your school / company
  • Block internet websites that have chocking contents for minors.
  • Follow internet use on your computers

Protect your school / company:
  • Does not allow illegal activities at your own risks (downloadings, illegal websites, online games…..
  • Prevent the disclosure of informations and sensitive data.
  • Respect the legal obligations linked to the internet user responsabilities in a public and professional place